Reading Response Letters & On Demand Writing

Hi, friends! With training in my new district starting Monday, I've been spending a lot of time at Panera polishing the resources I used throughout the year to get them ready to share with you! Today I wanted to share my most recent resources and give you the opportunity to win them for your classroom! To learn more about these resources, click on the links or pictures below. :)

Teaching fifth grade for the first time, I began implementing reading response letters (replacing book reports) and I was completely overwhelmed by the amazing results! Writing back and forth, I formed a special ‘reading bond’ with my students. From these letters, I knew their likes, dislikes, struggles, and tendencies as readers. I was able to recommend certain books for them, help them identify their ‘just-right’ book level, and I could encourage them to think more deeply about the text they were reading. This resource is my favorite resource yet, and includes all the materials and tips you need to implement reading response letters in your classroom.
Teaching writing to 90 5th graders, my teaching cohorts and I were desperate for a more equitable and faster way to assess student writing. Students wrote at least one On-Demand piece a week and the grading was killing us. These rubrics were developed to facilitate the feedback process, as well as allow students to see exactly where their piece needed tweaking and where their writing was spot-on. A companion to my On Demand Writing Prompts resource, these rubrics are standards-based and Common Core aligned for 5th grade.
Rather than introducing or creating ‘class rules’, these "We Believe" statements are ideals my class holds about our classroom, our work together, and the world. Short, sweet, and easy to remember, these phrases have tremendous power. Within the first few weeks of school, we discuss (as a class) the implications of these statements asking “How will my actions reflect these beliefs?” This neon set was made upon request of some sweet followers based on my original set that uses a white background (saving ink) and non-neon colors.
Assigning students table numbers, as well as, a partner letter (A or B) is an easy management tool. These editable desk labels allow for simple material distribution, an easy partnering tool, as well as, an effortless way to call on groups of students. I've included premade labels show in the 8 colors below, as well as, editable labels to meet the needs of your class!
All of these resources have been classroom-tested, tweaked, and approved! I'm so excited to share them with you and your students. I'd love to give you a chance to snag the resources that would work best for your classroom. Pin any of the resources shown above (from the links I've given you in the Rafflecopter) for a chance to snag them. I'll choose and announce 4 friends on Monday! :)

For right now, have a wonderful evening! I'll see you all tomorrow for some BIG news.


  1. I love reading response letters. We carve out special time a few days a week for this and you are ao right; it really creates a special reading bond between the kids and I. Will these work for 3rd graders?

    Teaching with Hope

  2. I was just looking at the we believe posters for my 6th grade classroom!


  3. New 6th grade teacher here. Language Arts. I would love to win any of your resources.

  4. I love everything that you create. I already have the We Believe Posters that I used last year. I have your Reading Response Letters and On Demand Writing Rubrics on my TPT wishlist. Thanks for creating such stellar products that are so user-friendly and visually appealing. Keep up the good work!

  5. This is an amazing giveaway! I TOTALLY LOVE YOUR WE BELIEVE POSTERS! Can't wait to hear the big news, and thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  6. I'm hoping that I'm the Steven that won!!!!! :D

  7. I hope I'm the Kaitlyn that won-your letters look awesome!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  8. I NEED your desk tags! I love them! Are they in your TPT store?


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